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Practice Managers' Area

The Practitioner Portal

The practitioner portal has been developed to allow general practitioners and specialists to:

  • Register a new practice with Barwon Health
  • Advise Barwon Health of clinicians arriving or leaving your practice
  • Modify practice details with Barwon Health
  • Register for PULSE to enable documents from Barwon Health to be sent electronically into your practice software
  • Register for Synapse to enable you to view radiology images requested through Barwon Medical Imaging (BMI) on your PC

Click here to access the Barwon Practitioners portal.

By completing the practitioners’ portal, all relevant areas of Barwon Health and BMI will receive this information and update their databases as required.

Patient Information Request Form

Use this form (see link at right) to:

  •  Request patient information from Barwon Health
  •  Authorise a change to GP contact details for a patient

Messaging Support

Barwon Health sends most clinical information to practitioners preferably via secure email. The download system is known as PULSE messaging and support for all issues can be obtained by phoning Pulse support on:

PULSE SUPPORT: 1300 736 660

If a practitioner does not have compliant clinical software then the clinical information will be sent via fax.

Practitioners who would like to have documents sent in the secure email format can register using the practitioner portal above.

Last Modified: Tuesday, 29 January 2019